1. Create an RPM for Hiawatha 11.1 for Alma Linux

    Install Docker:

    1. Create a docker container running Alma Linux 8.5:

    At the same time mount the local directory $(pwd)/cache to /var/cache/dnf on the container. This will save us a lot of time re-downloading packages if something were to go wrong with the process.

    docker run …

  2. How to create an RPM for Python 3.9 to use with CentOS 7

    Create a Docker Container:

    For convenience, we'll build the RPM inside a CentOS 7 docker container.

    1. Create the CentOS 7 container:

    docker run -dt --name centos7 centos:7 bash

    2. Enter the container:

    docker exec -it centos7 bash

    Install and configure CCache:

    Since compiling can take a while and …

  3. Creating a JRuby fat jar with bundler inside a docker container

    In this blog post I'll demonstrate how to create a JRuby fat jar that will include all gem dependencies inside of it. The dependencies themselves will be handled by Bundler.

    1. Let's create a CentOS container to run our tests in:

    docker run -dt --name=centos --hostname=centos --net=host …

  4. Using reverse SSH tunnels to expose a service that lives behind a firewall

    Consider the following scenario:

    On my local desktop I am using docker to do some testing with a Mongo database. My router doesn't expose the Mongo port. A friend at work needs to access my awesome and suuuuper important data in Mongo but he's also behind a firewall.

    In other …

  5. Compression examples and benchmarks

    You know that moment where you really want to compress something in a hurry and you don't want to really weigh the pros and cons of each utility out there? This is why I decided to take some time and perform some simple tests.


    This test is for my …

  6. Installing Go on CentOS 7.x

    This has given me trouble more than once so here are my notes for future reference:

    1. Download git (Go uses git to download files)

    yum -y install git

    2. Download Go: (Get the latest version from here: https://golang.org/dl/)

    cd /tmp
    curl -LO https://dl.google.com …

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